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Frequently Asked Questions


We have a few requirements before your dog is allowed into the pack. These precautions are to help keep your dog, and the other dogs in the pack safe. A clean bill of health, and a history of good vaccinations will keep your pet healthy. Temperment tests and spaying and neutering on every dog help keep the pack safe!

Cute Boxer
Great Dane
Chocolate Lab with a Kong toy
Required Vaccinations


We require the following vaccinations:

Rabies- Rabies is given to your dog in 1 or 3 year increments. You and your veterinarian can discuss which is appropriate for your dog.

Distemper/Parvo- Like rabies this vaccination can be given yearly or every 3 years. Talk to your vet.

Bordetella (kennel cough)- Dog Days of Sommer requires your dog to have this vaccination annually. This is a vaccination your pet might not have already, so discuss with your vet how they administer and how often.

Temperament Tests


A 15 to 30 minute temperament test is required for all daycare or boarding dogs. We start our temperament tests in the lobby, next to the owner, and gradually move into the daycare area. This allows our staff to get a quick feel for how your dog will react to many different personalities.

After your dog passes his or her temperament test they are free to come to daycare anytime without an appointment.

We schedule temperament tests on weekdays at 10am and 2pm. Call to make an appointment!

Spaying and Neutering


At Dog Days of Sommer all boarding and daycare dogs over the age of 7 months are required to be spayed or neutered.

There are many good reasons to neuter your animal. Overpopulation, behavioral benefits, and health benefits, just to name a few.

In a pack setting neutering is required because dogs have a very keen sense of smell and the hormones produced in un-neutered dogs can initiate rough play and sometimes fighting.

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