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Boarding & Daycare

Dog Days of Sommer offers a great boarding and daycare option. Drop your dog off for the day, so they come home tired after work. Nothing better than a cuddly dog! Daycare (Weekdays) comes included in the boarding price, so you know that your dog will never be locked up all day in a kennel!

Daycare (Mon - Fri only)

Dogs love being in a pack. When you drop your dog off at Dog Days of Sommer your dog will get to play in an appropriately sized group, and will become more social because of it! We do regular activities to keep your dogs mind stimulated, and happy. We even offer snack time, and a nice nap at noon!

We temperment test all dogs and check required vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper/parvo, Lepto, and Bordetella all required annually), before they are allowed to join the pack. This ensures the safety of all dogs in our care!

We have 4500 square feet of fun, with three seperate areas for dogs to play. In the summer we love getting out the pools, and getting cool. During colder months we like to hang out on blankets, or have a run through
the snow. 


When your dog stays with us at Dog Days of Sommer, you can be sure that they will be stimulated and well cared for. We offer combined daycare (on weekdays) and boarding prices, so that you never have to worry about your dog being bored. Once they play all day they get to eat, and go to bed sleepy.

We require all dogs in the pack to be spayed or neutered and properly vaccinated to help ensure the safety of all dogs!

We offer safe kennels in all sizes, to fit all needs. Some are even covered for springy dogs. We have raised beds for every kennel, and blankets for when it's cold. We feed all of our guests seperately, and you can bring treats for them at noon!

** Boarding rates subject to change on peak holidays. New customers will be required to put down a refundable deposit on holidays. Failure to show or cancel within 48 hours will forfeit the deposit. 




Half Day (up to 5 Hours)

Large Dog  >35lbs.  $13

Small Dog  <35lbs.  $12


Full Day (Over 5 hours)               

Large Dog            $20

Small Dog            $19  

Go to pricing for package pricing!


(Weekday Daycare included in price)


1st Dog               $35

2nd Dog              $33

3rd Dog              $31

Holidays             $3.00 extra per day per dog

Under Vaccinated Puppy - +$3.00 per night

Adult Not Spayed/Neutered - +$10.00 per night (will not be allowed to play in daycare)


Can't Play with others (due to aggression) - +$10.00 per night

Boarding Extras 

1 medication $5 extra per day 

Medications of 2 or more or insulin shots $10 extra per day


Walks 15 minutes two times per day (must provide a harness)  $10 extra per day

*Boarding - Pickup before 11am no same day boarding charge. If picking up between 11am and 6pm, instead of a full day charge, it will only be $20


$35 base price. If you have two dogs boarding the first will be $35 a night, and the second dog will be $33 a night. Boarding for holidays is $38 a night. These prices include daycare during the weekdays.


*Boarding - Pickup before 11am no same day boarding charge. If picking up between 11am and 6pm, instead of a full day charge, it will only be $20


Unneutered or unspayed over 7 months add $10 per night and they will not be able to play in daycare!


Cannot play (due to aggression) add $10 per night

We will require a $40 deposit from new customers that will go toward boarding and be refunded if you cancel within 48 hours before your stay.

Prices subject to change without notice

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